Kristin and Wes, engaged

Every once in a while we decide to surprise everyone, including ourselves, and actually blog something. Kristin and Wes are the perfect reason to decide that now should be one of those times! They are the sweetest, most down-to-earth, plain great couple! We chose the Stanford campus for their shoot since that's where they met and attended school and where they love spending time walking around together.

Alexis and Grant engaged

Ten years ago Grant's mom had me come photograph her family of dogs and high school boys. Now one of those boys is getting married! (And she has more dogs than ever)!

Here are Grant and Alexis, two quiet, kind, and cuddly (at least with each other) people who are getting ready to tie the knot! We walked around the tree-drenched streets of their childhood while they held tight to one another.

Susan and Michelle at Bluxome St. Winery

We shot this beautiful wedding of these beautiful women at the end of 2015 and couldn't have loved it or them any more!  So much laughter, so much support, so many stories that were shared this day, it was hard not to be sucked right in and imagine we were some of their best friends since third grade. Susan and Michelle are the type of people whose house you want to be at for Thanksgiving! Their son Ian is impossibly adorable, and together, the three of them shined bright on this day!

Venue- Bluxome St. Winery
Event designer and planner- Mandy Scott Events

Jenny and Vince engaged in San Francisco

Several years ago I photographed Jenny and her dog Lola. At the end of our session she was meeting up with this new guy she had just started dating. I briefly met him that day but he wasn't a for-sure-enough thing to make it in any of those photos, so you know, we said hi and then he was shooed off while we finished taking pictures. But fast-forward three years and I get a call form Jenny saying "Hi! Remember me? And remember that guy you met at the park that one day all those years ago? I'm marrying him!" 

So here we are, years later, another photo session in a park with Lola, but this time Lola (and her new sister, Chloe) were shooed off half-way through the session so we could finish taking pictures, without them. Clearly Vince has worked hard to climb the ladder of Jenny's affection :)

We ended the engagement session at Bix downtown where Jenny has literally been going since she was a little girl and where Maria got to try some Vince-recommended Whisky and where I gawked at the paintings on the walls and all the sparkles on Jenny's dress! (These two love to dress up, and they know how to do it right!)

Connie and Scott in Walnut Grove

It's been like half a year since we've blogged . . . what can we say, "staying on top of it" isn't really our thing. But, as always, we're resolving to do better! Starting with Connie and Scott!

So apparently if you search for a 200 person house on Air B&B, you won't get a lot of options, but you might get one that's just perfect! These guys found this big, beautiful house way out in Walnut Grove; they brought in some food trucks (honoring the fact that they first met at an off the grid event!),  cut a giant homemade It's-It cake, and vowed some of the best vows I've ever heard- in particular I remember promises to make stop-motion Lego movies with the other person,  promises to go on walks through St. Francis Wood with the other person, humoring the idea that they just might run into that local resident who wants to put them in their will, and promises to share adventure and tragedy and love together always.

the wonderful Julie Weisberg helped me on this wedding so tons of credit to her for some of these images.