Lizzy & Todd and a very cold day in San Francsico

The great thing about really cold weather at an engagement shoot is all the snuggling it engenders. Lizzy was not at all excited about having her picture taken (which made about ZERO sense to us since she's obviously A-Dorable) but luckily Todd just pulled her in tight so she could focus on snuggling and not picture-taking. And that they did! After the chilly Sutro Baths, we headed over to the historic Balboa Theater. Lizzy and Todd love to go to the movies. It's very much "their thing" so we figured the little theater would be an appropriate place to warm-up and make-out (and chow on some buttery popcorn!)

These two are such big fans of each others! And we love it when that happens. :)

Berkeley & Steve get engaged

Steve and Berkeley love the outdoors so we spent their session walking some of the little trails in the hills around their new house (and canoodling in fragrant onion fields!), and then back on the grounds of their new home (which is practically like it’s own botanical park- it’s gorgeous!). These two are seriously as lovely as the nature all around them in these photos! They met during a meditation retreat at Spirit Rock, and just sorta exude a spirit of peace and cooperation and kindness.

They are getting married this weekend at their beautiful new home and we couldn’t be more excited and honored to be photographing it!

Brooks and Sarah - at the Legion of Honor

So we are posting the engagement after the wedding because we shot the session just days before the wedding.And now for an embarrassing reveal exposing how snobby we are: Often when we are asked to go to places like this, we roll our eyes and think it would be cheesy... we know, we know, that is lame and elitist and TOTALLY WRONG!! The light was stunning, the shadows strong, and the color vibrant!! The beautiful light mixed with these two beautiful people was a match made in photographer-heaven! These two are so IN LOVE it is palpable, contagious and so much fun to photograph. Thank you Sarah and Brooks for being wonderful, in love, and trusting. It was an absolute pleasure to make pretty pictures with you!

In truth,
Robyn and Maria

Sandra and Derek ... a few years later.

Four year ago, back when Maria and I first started photographing weddings together as Verité, these two lovelies got married on Treasure Island and brought the two of us along for the festivities, and we have loved them ever since! Recently, they've been itching to get dressed up again and visit one of their favorite places, to do some more "wedding" photos. So early last Fall, we all went down to Carmel for the weekend and visited 1) an Antique Mall! Sandra and Derek LOVE antiquing! and 2) Pebble Beach, at the very spot where Derek first proposed.

Man, it's great to hang out with happy couples and old friends!

Maria and Andi- Engagement Session

Maria and Andi are probably two of the most likeable people we have ever met! Seriously, Maria (the Verité one) and I were instantly in love with these guys. While they are genuinely great, I think our adoration of them is at least in part due to their fantastically huge, warm, inviting smiles. I am such a sucker for a big smile. (I remember in jr. high I used to try to stretch my mouth and lips out because I was convinced if I did it enough, I would develop a Julia Roberts-like smile . . . it didn't work, btw). These guys though, they were just blessed with the real deal. 

We did their session in Golden Gate Park since it has both the Japanese Tea Garden (they have Japanese heritage) and casting pools (they have a fishing thing)! Andi is an avid fly fisher. He proposed to Maria with her ring in a special tackle box and asked her to be his "fishing partner for life"! (See, they are the cutest!)