Jenny and Vince engaged in San Francisco

Several years ago I photographed Jenny and her dog Lola. At the end of our session she was meeting up with this new guy she had just started dating. I briefly met him that day but he wasn't a for-sure-enough thing to make it in any of those photos, so you know, we said hi and then he was shooed off while we finished taking pictures. But fast-forward three years and I get a call form Jenny saying "Hi! Remember me? And remember that guy you met at the park that one day all those years ago? I'm marrying him!" 

So here we are, years later, another photo session in a park with Lola, but this time Lola (and her new sister, Chloe) were shooed off half-way through the session so we could finish taking pictures, without them. Clearly Vince has worked hard to climb the ladder of Jenny's affection :)

We ended the engagement session at Bix downtown where Jenny has literally been going since she was a little girl and where Maria got to try some Vince-recommended Whisky and where I gawked at the paintings on the walls and all the sparkles on Jenny's dress! (These two love to dress up, and they know how to do it right!)