Sam and Michelle at Redd in Yountville

Ack! It's been so (SO) long since we last blogged. It's embarrassing. We're gonna go ahead and drop this point now and move on to posting pictures again from here on out!

So, Sam and Michelle! These guys had this wonderful little party earlier in the spring to celebrate their marriage. They had actually gotten married a few months prior in Hong Kong where they live, but needed to celebrate with all their American family and friends as well! So they bought out Redd in Yountville (it being the first restaurant Sam worked at after culinary school years ago!) And it was such a lovely, cozy, smiley event. Seriously, these people weren't ever not smiling!

My favorite thing about it (well, aside from the oysters and smiles) was that the guests ranged in age from like two months, to 92, and everyone played with everyone as if they were close peers and best friends. They are a beautiful and tight-knit family. 

And then my other favorite thing was Lance and Tracy (Sam's cousin). We photographed their wedding many years ago, and are the reason we got to come to this one. Seeing couples so many years later is the best. 

Key players:
Venue and Food- Redd. Coordinator- Going Lovely. Jazz trio- Alex Aspinall.