Connie and Scott in Walnut Grove

It's been like half a year since we've blogged . . . what can we say, "staying on top of it" isn't really our thing. But, as always, we're resolving to do better! Starting with Connie and Scott!

So apparently if you search for a 200 person house on Air B&B, you won't get a lot of options, but you might get one that's just perfect! These guys found this big, beautiful house way out in Walnut Grove; they brought in some food trucks (honoring the fact that they first met at an off the grid event!),  cut a giant homemade It's-It cake, and vowed some of the best vows I've ever heard- in particular I remember promises to make stop-motion Lego movies with the other person,  promises to go on walks through St. Francis Wood with the other person, humoring the idea that they just might run into that local resident who wants to put them in their will, and promises to share adventure and tragedy and love together always.

the wonderful Julie Weisberg helped me on this wedding so tons of credit to her for some of these images.