Mark and Robert married at the Exploratorium

This wedding is from way back in September, but these guys are dear friends of mine so they got the special friend treatment (the one where I put them at the bottom of my list and do everyone else's weddings/sessions before theirs. Seriously, there's all sorts of perks to being friends with us!). Anyway, point being, I'm thrilled to finally be sharing it!

Mark was literally one of the very first people I met when we moved to San Francisco over a dozen years ago, and I immediately adored him. He's crazy smart, ridiculously open-minded, patient beyond belief, has a stamp in his passport from like half the countries in the world, and always knows of a new good place to eat. And nothing makes me happier than knowing that Mark now has Robert to share all his thoughts, and travels, and food with! These two, even being as different as they are (and the list of their differences is humorously long) are so incredibly happy together.  As cheesy as it sounds, I honestly can't think of another couple that more perfectly completes each other.

And their wedding was great! They got ready at their respective houses with their parents (I got to witness Mark's mom playing a song for him on the piano, and Maria got to witness Robert's shoe closet!!). Then we headed over to the Exploratorium where we took pictures of them cuddling and laughing, and they greeted friends who had come to be with them from around the world! There was some tearful vows, a liquid nitrogen ice cream bar, and lots of pretty city lights. Near perfect.

Venue- The Exploratorium Catering- DJ-