Ashley and Daniel at Saint Mary's and The Marriott

I always try to buy sparkly stuff for our office and Maria always has to reign me in (apparently sequenced water pitchers, toss pillows, clipboards, and staplers is overdoing it). But luckily for me, there was Ashley and Daniel! They had a shimmery, shiny, sparkly wedding and Ashley did not get reigned in, and it was fabulous!!

But honestly, even if everything hadn't glittered, it would have been a great day. We were especially warmed by some of the moments they had with their parents. Both the Bride/Father and the Groom/Mother dance were filled with tears. But my favorite moment was during the Father of the Groom's speech. Daniel's dad talked about how after Daniel returned from Afganistan, Ashley was the only one who could really reach him to help him truly come back . . . Being part of a military family myself, and having just a tiny understanding of how war changes someone, that sentiment left a decent-sized lump in my throat.

Here's to Ashley and Daniel and everything sparkly and good!

Event Planner/Designer- Sugar Rush Events Church- St. Mary's College Venue- San Ramon Marriott Cake- Studio Cake Florist- Clayton Sonset Flowers And a huge shout out to our assistant Stan who took many of these beautiful images.