Patrick and Jeff's Wedding at Fort Mason

We LOVED this wedding so much! Not only was it in a beautiful San Francisco spot on a beautiful San Francisco day, but it was with some beautiful San Francisco people- Patrick and Jeff.

Patrick was actually at our wedding 12 years ago. (That would be ours as in mine and Shawn's, not mine and Maria's-- I know, it's confusing since Maria and I kinda act like an old married couple sometimes). But Shawn and Patrick have worked together for a long time, so Maria and I were lucky enough to get to photograph this celebration, and I was lucky enough to sit down and have dinner next to the hubs, who, by the way, (and I know this is probably a terribly insensitive stereotype of me to make, but) was by far the worst-dressed guy there ;).

Anyway, great vows; great food; great succulents; but most of all, a great First Dance. Seriously, I think it may be our favorite one to date (and we've seen a lot of First Dances). I'm not even sure how to explain it . . . there was just a lot of love there and it was palpable. We were lucky to witness it.