Emily and Andrew in Maine

I was kinda disappointed when I fell in love with my husband. His family being from Idaho, it was pretty clear it meant giving up on my dream of "Thanksgivings on the coast of Maine while visiting my husband's family . . . " <Sigh>. Yep, I scored those holiday trips to the exotic land of . . . Pocatello . . . <Sigh again>. BUT, my dear friend Emily, on the other hand, got married to her dear boy Andrew in Maine this summer (because he's from there, as in, his parents still live there, as in, she'll get to go to Thanksgivings on the coast of Maine while vis . . . yeah, do that whole dream of mine). But alas, I did at least finally get to go to Maine, to photograph the wedding . . . And, Pocatello does have Arctic Circle. So, not a complete loss.

Anyway, back to the wedding! It was beautiful! They had a super small ceremony in Clark's Cove, an apple orchard where Andrew grew up picking apples; Emily's grandma arranged the flowers; her sister did her makeup; Andrew's parents arranged a lobster bake in Muscongus Bay; and they scooped up ice cream from Andrew's ice cream business, Em's Ice Cream (named after Emily! And that they flew there from Denver!). It was intimate and open, casual and extravagant, all at the same time. It was perfect and I felt so lucky to be a part of it.

(By the way, I could have easily filled this blog post with twice as many pictures, just of skies and sunsets! That place is ridiculous).

Ceremony Venue- Clark's Cove Apple Orchard Lobster Bake Reception- Muscongus Bay Lobster Ice Cream- Em's Ice Cream