Maria and Andi at Cornerstone Gardens

If the world were to make a yearbook right now, Maria and Andi would totally win "cutest couple". Hands down. Seriously. They're adorable. It's ridiculous. These guys met in Dental School, which totally makes sense if you've seen their matching perfect teeth :) I know we mentioned their killer smiles in the engagement session post, but I think they somehow managed to make them even better for the wedding day! :) Both of them have this way of smiling that is not only gorgeous on the outside, but it makes other people just feel so welcomed in their presence! They are each so full of kindness and warmth, and they readily share that both with each other and with everyone around them!

And the great thing about being a dentist couple . . . you can tell each other exactly which teeth you have food in between! (We witnessed Andi lovingly whisper to Maria "between 11 and 12"). How useful is that! :)

And one of our favorite moments of the day was what may have been a nod to some of those Dental School loans; Maria customized her vows a bit when the priest said "for richer, for poorer", she repeated her part by saying, "for richer or probably poorer" :)

Congratulations you guys!

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