Kristen and Andy Engaged

Kristen and Andy are two of the most instantly likable people ever. Everything they think, say and do is so genuine and unpretentious and just cute! One of my favorite things Kristen said to us (which I think sums them up pretty good) was concerning the time right after they met when some people close to her were maybe just a little concerned that she was just maybe a little too excited about Andy maybe just a little too quickly, but the girl apparently knew what she was doing! She told us: I was head over heels into him and didn't even TRY to play games!

For their engagement session we did something a little different- we relived their first date. These guys met online and chatted for several weeks before actually meeting in person. For their first date, Kristen took the train down to Palo Alto where Andy picked her up and they went over to a mock trial at Stanford where they held hands and doodled hearts on a pad of paper and then went to Sprinkles Cupcakes- sooooo, we went to the CalTrain Station, the cupcake shoppe, and the Stanford campus, but with Buster this time, their beloved fur baby.

(Also, I don't know if Maria and I have ever seen so much pretty light in one place as we did at Stanford this day)!