Maria and Andi- Engagement Session

Maria and Andi are probably two of the most likeable people we have ever met! Seriously, Maria (the Verité one) and I were instantly in love with these guys. While they are genuinely great, I think our adoration of them is at least in part due to their fantastically huge, warm, inviting smiles. I am such a sucker for a big smile. (I remember in jr. high I used to try to stretch my mouth and lips out because I was convinced if I did it enough, I would develop a Julia Roberts-like smile . . . it didn't work, btw). These guys though, they were just blessed with the real deal. 

We did their session in Golden Gate Park since it has both the Japanese Tea Garden (they have Japanese heritage) and casting pools (they have a fishing thing)! Andi is an avid fly fisher. He proposed to Maria with her ring in a special tackle box and asked her to be his "fishing partner for life"! (See, they are the cutest!)