Christina and Antonio- Engaged

Here's how our epic and fabulous Engagement Session with C and A went: We started this session at the de Young (where Maria and I actually showed up early so we could check out the Gaultier exhibit, and holy amazeballs! We've decided we need to step our shooting outfits up a notch!). Anyway, we watched Antonio and Christina kiss and hold hands in the midst of all the beauty and it was like a real-life Ferris Bueller and Sloane Peterson- playing hookey from work and hanging out at the art museum! So romantic.

Then we head across town to the Car Wash, which doesn't sound as romantic, but au contraire- it's where they met. How's that for a pick-up joint!

And then we scooted over to Smitten and the bier garten where we finished up with some ice cream and beer.

And so, we were able to sum up their life in one afternoon- Car Wash Art Ice Cream. They decided that will be the name of their band :)