Junebug Weddings best of 2011

There really are only two words we can say and that is HOLY CRAP!! 

ok, here are a few more words:
When Robyn and I (maria, the one with bad grammar, so forgive me) found out that we have been voted as one of the many talented artists in Junebug Weddings Best of 2011 collection, we really almost started crying!! Although this is only one person's judgment and really only means anything to our mom's and husband's... WE ARE STOKED! Stoked, honored, in shock and well PROUD! Robyn and I have been batting away at this crazy business for 3 years now and it seems like it is all sort of coming together. New studio, new associate and no this! It is the perfect way to start of the new year!!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Junebug weddings! We have been admirers of your work for a long time! 
And congrats to every one of the crazy talented artists in the group with us!
in truth,
robyn and maria