Albert and Andrea at Madrona Manor in Healdsburg

This was our last wedding of the season back at the end of September, and what a fabulous wedding to end the season with! After photographing their engagement session, we could hardly wait to do their wedding because 1) they clearly had good taste in food, and 2) Those smiles! They make our cameras happy. And we were not disappointed. Madrona Manor makes their own butter! 'nuff said. And there was such a great vibe at their wedding- it was a wonderful mix of little kids and little grandmas! And everyone smiled so much (although Albert still wins for the best smile there!)

And then there was the exquisite gardens, their gorgeous invitations (hand-printed on vintage handkerchiefs bought one at a time on ebay!), and the overall super lovely laid-back feel of the day. It was wonderful!

Here's to registering 15 years of love with the state!