Erin and Eli at Sutter Creek

It was a hot day but it was amazing! Erin and Eli have traveled the world and they put that love of travel in every detail of their perfect wedding day, surrounded by the best friends and family two people could ask for. I was honored to be apart it.
The best part was they didn't do the feed each other cake thing or toss a bouquet... what?!? WHY???? Because A. you don't have to, and B. the party was too good to stop and toss a silly bouquet... have I mentioned how much I love these two?
p.s. shooting beside me was our lovely associate Natalie! she is equally amazing!
the team:

beautiful venue: Avio Vinyards

day of coordinator: Lora Ward of A Day to Remember

flowers: Wendy Stucky of Second Hand Rose 

catering: Beth Sogaard Catering

DJ: Chad Stalzer

strings: Masek Music

rentals: Celebrations Party Rentals

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