seriously, we have the best clients EVER!!!

So the other day we are sitting working like mad in the Studio (otherwise known as sharing ridiculous You Tube videos) when someone walks in the door with a delivery.
It was the BEST delivery EVER!!! 
First things first, if you have ever been to Verité to chat with Robyn and I, then you know that we always offer our guests cupcakes, (really it's our excuse to indulge) so we know what we are talking about when it comes to cupcakes. So imagine our total shock when through the door walks Moonbaby Cakes, with a box filled with the most delicious organic cupcakes Robyn and I have EVER tasted! They are hands down the best in the city!
_MG_3069_ITTDR copy.jpg
Now for the best part... we open the box and inside are 24, yes TWENTY FOUR little cupcakes that say "spend May26, 2011 with us" and a note from our favorite Canadians letting us know that they are booking Robyn and I for their 2011 wedding! 
_MG_3071_ITTDR copy.jpg
_MG_3073_ITTDR copy.jpg
Yep, hands down the BEST moment in Verité! 
Thank you Andrea and Craig for everything, from the 4 hour conversations, the beautiful photographs that you made so easy to capture and now for this. Robyn and I are thrilled beyond measure to photograph your wedding, but more importantly to call you friends!

in truth.
robyn and maria